China o1 4 inch silicone wristbandspposes using religion as tool of infiltrate: official

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BEIJING - A senior Chinese official has warned against overseas individuals or entities using religion as a tool of infiltration.

You Quan, head of the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said China will resolutely guard against such acts.

He said the country will stop and deal with illegal religious activities of any sort.

You, who made the remarks during a two-day work inspection in East China"s Anhui province, stressed the importance of taking practical but effective measures to safeguard state security and maintain social harmony and stability.

The official, however, also said that the believers" normal needs for religion will be met.

During his inspection, You visited Anhui Theological Seminary and met with religious figures as well as local government and Party officials.

He called upon them to uphold the sinicization on religion, strengthen law-based governance of religious affairs, and adapt religious activities to a socialist society.

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